Are you in or near Washington with a tree emergency? Washington Tree Experts are here to help! Our ISA certified arborists are trained to find optimal solutions to your tree-trimming, stump-removal, pruning and other landscaping needs. We will provide excellent long-term results that will keep your trees flourishing and healthy.

The continued beautification of your landscape and trees will be a positive factor in associated property values! Many people put off the process of removing tree stumps or pruning trees because they think the task will be unnecessarily lengthy, but that is not the case when a project is handled by experts who care.

Consult with Our Arborists

A vibrant, healthy landscape is possible with the proper planning by an ISA Certified Arborist. Just take that first step, by allowing us to formulate a plan for you, and the rest of the process becomes easier. If there are potential obstacles to improving the look of your property, such as a hazard tree, one of our ISA Qualified Assessors can evaluate the best way of handling it.

Commercial and Residential Services

Do you need to clear a site in preparation for new construction? Or, perhaps, you are a property manager in charge of the landscaping for a building complex. From HOAs to large property construction and maintenance, our expert staff can help your landscape to thrive and look its best.

Plant a Tree

Did you know that the Trees for Neighborhoods program, a Seattle initiative, will give your household up to four free trees? Seattle takes the beauty of its greenery seriously, and that could benefit you directly! Washington Tree Experts can help with the planting and maintenance in your yard or on the street. Additionally, you might want some help picking out which species of tree will best suit your environment as well as setting up the best care for those trees. Make Seattle even greener without spending your own “green.”

Dump the Stump

If you have been putting off the seemingly arduous task of stump grinding, as many people do, cross it off your list this week! All you need is an expert helping hand. Washington Tree Experts have the heavy-duty, precision equipment to remove stumps from your landscape quickly and efficiently. We deal with almost any type of tree stump that might be necessary for removal. A free estimate is only a phone call away.

Clean Up Nicely with Our Wood Chippers

Tree removal and trimming can cause quite a bulky mess to contend with. Clean up can be quick and easy with robust brush chipping equipment. Let Washington Tree Experts tidy up your newly spruced-up grounds with our chipping services. We will clear all the brush, felled branches, and other debris so the job is 100 percent finished. Furthermore, the chipped wood pieces become useful for mulching or recycling.

Washington Tree Experts are here to help you with a wide variety of your landscaping needs. We will promote the health of the trees on your property with ISA certified arborists and this, in turn, will help protect your home and property from unnecessary falling tree branches. These untrimmed branches can cause problems with power lines, or get under the shingles of roofs and cause leakages. And, of course, the value of the property associated with the landscape will increase as the health and beauty of its trees and foliage increase.

Contact us today for an estimate and you can see how easy the process of caring for trees on your property can be!