For nature lovers of all kinds, Spring is an opportunity to get outside after a long winter and enjoy the great outdoors. At Washington Tree Experts, we value making the most of nature and enjoying the woods when winter weather starts to fade. From basking in the sun in warmer temperatures, to spotting blooming trees, to enjoying the iconic cherry blossoms that only make an appearance this time of year, here are six great places to enjoy Spring blooming in Western Washington.

University of Washington Quad

Whether you were born and raised in Seattle or you’re visiting from far away, catching UW’s iconic cherry blossoms is a Spring time must. Since the 1960’s, these trees have been a signature part of UW’s Seattle campus. Arranged in a “W” formation from a bird’s eye view, Yoshino cherry trees attract visitors from all over. Whether you’re a prospective student touring UW campus or a traveler in the city for a few days, these trees are well worth a visit. You can also catch a glimpse of them on UWTV’s cherry blossom live stream.  

Washington Park Arboretum

If you don’t get your fill of cherry trees at the University of Washington, there are more to be found just down the road. The Washington Park Arboretum is another great place to see Seattle Spring in full force. With over 230 acres of plants and gardens, specialty gardens such as the Japanese Garden and Pacific Connections Garden, and a number of free walks and tours, the Washington Park Arboretum is a great place to see Spring in action. From unique plants from around the world, to loop trail hikes and walks, and many iconic Washington trees, this is a great place to spend a Spring Sunday.   

Hoh Rain Forest

If mossy trees and lush rainforests are more your style, the Hoh Rainforest is the place for you. This rain forest gets up to 14 feet of rain annually, making it a forrest lover’s haven with greenery for miles and miles. Whether you’re interested in winding hikes deep in the woods, neighboring beaches, or mountain top sunsets, this rainforest is a great place to see nature and foliage in the spring (and year round if you don’t mind a little rain!).  

Mount Rainier National Park

Though still snowy in many places at this time of year, Mount Rainier National Park is a great place to catch some fresh Spring air and nature. Almost 60 percent of the park is forest, and many trees are over one thousand years old. Whether you’re hoping see some of the over 1,000 types of fungi on the mountain, check out the varying types of forest plants, or admire trees that have been around for centuries, this national park has a lot to offer.  

Skagit Valley

Though not featuring blooming trees, no list of natural sites to see during Springtime in Washington is complete without the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. With rolling fields of colorful tulips, vendors and activities, and a whole lot more, this is a great day trip for a sunny Spring day in Washington. Less than two hours from Seattle, if you’re looking for some Spring color and a place to enjoy blooming plants, the tulip festival will going on for all of April.  

Whatcom Falls Park

A quick ten minute drive from Downtown Bellingham, Whatcom Falls Park is another great place to enjoy Spring in Washington. Whether you’re hoping to take a leisure walk through the forest or do a four mile round trip hike and see the waterfall at the end, this is a fun place to visit for nature lovers of all kind.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or just looking for a few new ideas to fill your spring weekends, Washington has a lot to offer in terms of opportunities to enjoy Springtime nature. To learn more about tree care in Washington, visit our website today!

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